Monday, 31 October 2011

SAKS launches Winter collection – The Streets

Saks Hair & Beauty is known all over for its innovation in hairstyling and coming up with the next big thing. On 21st October in a magical evening, we unveiled the new Saks Winter Festive Collection and showcased what is in vogue this season.

The evening was filled with style and glamour as SAKS unveiled the ‘Winter Festive Hair Collection 2011’. Styled by the Saks Art Team for the forthcoming festive season, this chic hair show made a style statement and helped SAKS embark on their Indian journey.  Choreographed by Marc Robinson and wardrobe styled by Gavin Miguel, the show was hosted in the sprawling and luxurious 6,000 sq. ft. unisex salon on Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai.

Capturing the essence of Autumn/Winter and focusing on exaggerated shapes and multi-textured and mixed fabrics, amplified by fashion trends, the Saks Art Team created this season’s ultimate hair trends – The Streets. The eclectic stand-out styles and colours predicted for the season promises to make many heads turn!  Predictions were to texture and layers in the hair with a grown in feel. Fringes are back big time, longer and full of texture and movement. Colours brighten and shimmer, the perfect antidote to grey skies. 

Talking about their autumn hair collection, Mr. Burzin Daver, CEO, Saks Hair & Beauty said, “Today, India is totally in tune with the international trends. Keeping this in mind, we would like to introduce the latest international hair trends to our customers and want to give them the latest & chic international hair styles. We at Saks believe in giving the best treatment and services to our customers and strive to provide the best and exclusive services and treatments.”  

Saks was star-struck as Dino Morea, Rocky S, Dipanita Sharma and others honoured us with their presence. The evening was filled with razzle-dazzle as the crowd was left mesmerized by the gorgeous hairstyling. We know and understand hair trends and if you are looking for one stop-shop for hair and beauty, look no farther. 

Monday, 10 October 2011

Different Strokes

Each one of us is unique with special features and unique personalities. Our looks have a huge impact on our personalities. And, one the biggest influence is how we style our hair!

A good hair day can make even the dullest of the days happy. So, it is very important that we style our hair well enough to increase that style quotient.

With the festive season here, we know how important it is for all of you to look gorgeous and trendy. Find the right kind of style for you face type in this blog.

There are mainly five different kinds of shapes of faces: Oval, Long, Round, Square and Heart. Each of these shapes has their special features, which can be easily highlighted with a well-cut and well-suited hairstyle.

Tyra Banks
The oval shape

It is finally time to bless those high cheekbones. Oval faces are the envy of most and no matter the texture of hair; all styles look simply amazing on them.
Be it short, layered, long, curly or even funky fringes, oval shaped face is like the canvas every painter wishes to draw on.

The long shape

The secret behind the right cut to a long face is to play on its strength. A style, which enhances the beauty of the length of your face, is the right cut for you. The long shaped faces have very pointy chins and have no prominent cheekbones or jawlines. 

Well,we understand it is not very easy for long faced women to carry their desired hairstyles too often. The main problem with this kind of shape is a wrong cut can make the long face even longer.
Jennifer Love Hewitt

We suggest Bangs as they give a nice balance to the thin width of the face. Waves and curls almost add volume to the hair and to the face. We suggest you do not experiment too much with the length of the hair as very short and very long haircuts make the face extremely thin and long.

Selena Gomez
The Round Shape

The girl next-door look comes with a soft innocent face. With no prominence of underlying cheekbones, you have one of the most cutest look. Sleek lines and tapered ends is the perfect style for you.

One can also go for pixie cuts, as they help in making the face look thinner. Wild tousled styles with thin layers also add style and funk to the hairstyle.

Salma Hayek
The Square Shape

The high cheekbones and perfect angular jawline gives your face a distinct as well as beautiful look. A perfect blend of waves and curls will adorn that face giving it a softer look. It is best to stick to long lengths as this maintains the flow.

Nicole Kidman

The Heart Shape

A heart shaped face is one that is desired by most. Fringes or short bangs accentuate the shape of the face revealing those bold cheekbones. As the name suggests, heart shaped faces do truly are full of love and beauty.

Hair of any length, style or texture can be dressed up for the Holidays. Sometimes all that is required is a little bit of imagination and some great hair accessories. Keep stylish!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Tête-à-tête with the Stylists @ Saks

We have been Uk’s favourite hair and beauty salon for years now and over one million happy UK customers have experienced the Saks' difference, first hand. And, now we are here to transform the way Indian women look and feel. We want to make sure that when you come and get the Saks experience you leave feeling like a million bucks.

Be it a beautiful hairstyle, a colour treatment or just a simple trim to your mane, our stylists know their trade in and out. If you want the best of the best, Saks hairdressers are the finest of them all. So, here’s introducing our team of hair stylists who are creating magic every day at Saks. 

Our Stylist: Darshan Yewalekar

Darshan Yewalekar, has been styling hair for the last eight years and it is his aspiration to make it big in his dream city, Mumbai. Hair styling lets his creative side out and he feels one with his Muse. " I prefer working with difficult and unmanageable hair. It's challenging and gives me the adrenaline rush to achieve the desired style." And, this fighting attitude helps him in creating magic everyday. 

“Hair is that one thing that makes one feel special and expressive, it changes your entire personality and gives you confidence”, says, Raja, a senior stylist with us. Hairdressing runs in his blood as his father inspired this art in him. For him, hairstyling is not a profession but a passion.

And, his colleague Alam shares the same view. Currently working with Saks, he has had more than 10 years experience in this industry and to him this is an art, which he has mastered yet he feels he is learning more and more every single day. Alam says the only reason he is a stylist today is because, “I wanted to be the one to see the satisfaction on people's faces when they walk out with a gorgeous smile and an equally gorgeous haircut to go along.”

Our Stylist: Naeem

“Hair dressing was a family business. I had other aims. But having got no other choices, I became a hairdresser. But now if you ask me, I am very glad I took it up. Probably if it wasn’t for hair dressing, I would have missed out on something so creative,” says our style guru from Bhopal, Naeem. He has dedicated more than 15 years of his life to this creativity and has now curved out a place for himself. He believes that “inspiration comes from everything” and that his travels through Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and London have helped him learn a lot.

Shephali, who is a Home Science graduate, also believes that her travels abroad have helped her a lot in understanding people and their needs. When in South Africa she “was inspired by the different hairstyles sported by people there” and that has helped in expanding her creative horizon. She believes she is very creative and loves “exploring trends and incorporating” them in her creations.

Our Stylist: Sisnel
Creative like her is another of our senior stylist, Sisnel. She had started her career as an in flight Stewardess, “however it did not satisfy my creative instincts” and she chose to pursue her passion over her profession. “Hairdressing is not only creatively satisfying for me but is excellent for financial stability, it showcases my hidden talent of creating new looks and makes people happy” says our highly skilled stylist.

At Saks, we are part of a huge growing family and these brilliantly talented people make this family even more special with each passing day. We believe in one on one conversation with our patrons, and our stylists become our hands, eyes and mouthpieces. Because of their tremendous dedications, Saks grows every day a little bit more.

We thank our hairdressers for their hardwork and passion and welcome you all to come and get pampered by them. We know it is worth in magic!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Do you Believe in Magic?

We, at Saks Hair & Beauty, believe in magic. We believe that the world around us can be made magical with a simple smile, a glow inside and a little wave of the wand. We believe that every woman counts, every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel special and confident.

Since the inception of our very first salon in Darlington in 1974, we have become a unique and colourful brand and are presently the largest brand of salons in the U.K. With more than 190 high street salons in the U.K alone, we are one of the biggest names in the industry of hairdressing and style. Our name has become synonymous with beauty and style.
Our hairdressers and trainers have won many top accolades including Nationwide Salon Group of the Year, UK's Best Training Provider, British Hair and Beauty Customer Care Awards, British Franchise Association Franchise Awards, Best Corporate Marketing Campaign, Top Training Scheme, Best Local Marketing and Top Local Training Development.

But, the best awards have come from the thousands of excellent recommendations from our patrons.

We have travelled the world, from UK, Italy, South Africa to Dubai and now we have landed on the Indian shores. Our mission: to spread the joy of looking beautiful, the Saks way. After opening our flagship salon in Mumbai (Bandra W) we have plans to extend our services to Delhi and Bangalore in the coming years.

Bandra W salon

Our Bandra W salon is unique, very exclusive in services and treatments, with a super-premium ambience, which are at par with international standards. We have spared nothing to make sure that we meet our patrons’ needs and expectations.

We know Mumbai is the town of the crème de la crème of India. Thus, we have introduced the Saks Royalty Room. This is an exclusive private room where celebrities and VIPs can do all their treatments with the utmost of care and love. We also understand our patrons’ needs and realize how important it is to avail all the care one needs under the same roof. Thus, we have our very own Cosmetologist and Dermatologist who with our trained hairdressers give a 360-degree treatment. We know how particular you are about what products you use, and so are we. That’s why we only trust Kerastase products for hair treatments; renowned U.S brand ‘Young Blood’ for make-up and Elemis for our beauty and spa treatments.

We are special and we want to make you feel special but we do not wish to come across as a luxury brand that very few people can aspire for. We want to become a ménage(think on terms of magic) name that all can trust and love

We are Saks. We are Special.

And now, we are in India.

And, with a little bit of magic and your support we are here to stay.

Store details:

9, Silver Pearl, Ground Floor, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W) Mumbai- 400050.

Contact number: (022) 2641 4243/ 44/ 45